Gold & Bloom Floral Design Workshop


At the end of August, our team had the privilege of attending Gold and Bloom’s Bottles and Blooms workshop to tap into our inner florists! The owner of Gold and Bloom, Jenna Griffin, instructed us on how to create a floral centerpiece from start to finish showcasing some of the most beautiful blooms of the season. Laura Barnes of Laura Barnes Photo was there to capture every moment. We loved that Jenna’s ultimate advice from the beginning of the workshop was to use our personal taste to inspire the shape of our centerpieces. Some people had rounder centerpieces, while other centerpieces were nontraditional in shape. Some people were drawn to symmetry, while others enjoyed creating asymmetrical arrangements. Once we chose the shapes we had in mind, Jenna invited us to forage from the yard to select additional greenery or flowers. She challenged us to mix textures and to add pops of colored greenery to bring unique flavor to our designs.

After we collected all of the greenery we wanted to use, Jenna instructed us on how to create the foundation of the arrangement, placing greenery so that the shape and height we wanted for our pieces was present before we added any flowers. Jenna walked us through the various flowers she provided for the arrangements, explaining which played more of a supporting role in an arrangement and which typically sat higher and sprung out further, giving more height or width to the piece.

Jenna encouraged us to place our “wow” factor accents in the arrangement before adding all of the flowers. For her, it was a single twig extending sideways from the piece. For others, it was a statement flower in the center of the vase or a cluster of berries.

With that, we began creating. Using the floral shears, floral foam, and charming vases Jenna provided us, we listened to music and bounced ideas off of one another as we designed our masterpieces. Our team had a combination of approaches to putting together our arrangements, each having a final product with a different shape, fullness, color palette, and mood.

We had a wonderful time learning about the art of floral design and cannot wait to attend another workshop. Although we don't offer floral design, this workshop allowed us to get more insight into how our clients’ personalities and tastes can be represented in their wedding day florals. Thank you, Jenna, for your expertise and for such a fun and inspiring experience!

Floral Designer: Gold and Bloom // Photography: Laura Barnes Photo // Paper Goods: Elenotes Calligraphy