Gloria & Steve: Madison Oaks Inn, Madison, GA


The moment I met Gloria, she became one of my favorite people. Her heart for others is obvious in every thought and every email. She'd always sign them "Love and Later - G." It just made sense how warm her personality was when I found out she founded a no-kill shelter for cats in 1988 called the Good Mews. This past fall, Gloria married Steve who is just as wonderful, if not more! Their story and their love is inspiring.

You see, Gloria and Steve dated in high school. She was fourteen and he was seventeen. She cooked her first candlelight dinner for him, complete with Cherries Jubilee for dessert. Life as grown ups began and they went their separate ways. Steve became a pilot and Gloria, a flight attendant. Many years passed. Their fondness for each other never really ended.

Steve's wife passed away and more time went by. He began thinking of Gloria and wondering how she was doing. When Gloria saw "S. Cornell" on her caller ID, she couldn't believe it. It had been over fifty years since they'd spoken. She picked up. They talked forever. She hung up. She knew… I wish you could all see her face when she talks about that moment!

We spent many months planning Gloria and Steve's perfect November day. Gloria had a very specific vision for her day, and it was absolutely lovely! I'm so glad Debbie of Peacock Photo Video was there to capture it. Madison Oaks Inn was the perfect venue and their hospitality is unmatched.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Cornell for letting us be a part of the sweetest wedding in the world! We wish you many years of happiness! Here is one of my favorite photos from  their big day. To see more, please visit Peacock Photo Video's blog here.