Pure Barre Partnership


Five or so years ago, my big sister began taking a workout class that started to completely change and tone her body. My sister Carrie is fifteen years older than me, but was looking way better than me in a bikini. That part might not change for a few more years (haha!), but I had to at least try to catch up once she gave up her method. Once the hubs and I moved to Atlanta, I waited for a barre studio to open close to me. Luckily, Pure Barre Virginia Highlands opened up and I showed up on the first day it was open - December 9th, 2013. No, really. First day with bells on!

My Pure Barre Studio, photographed by Paige Jones

I knew I would enjoy the workout since I had a long past with cheerleading and Pilates. I underestimated how much so! My pictures after sixteen classes alone showed an obvious change in my body. I felt like a different person. Pure Barre gave me a full hour to relax and get away from everything. It let me focus on me. I was further and further convinced that this workout and this studio needed to be my treat to myself. Since then, I feel like I've told everyone and their mom to take classes there. From the first day, I've felt so encouraged by the instructors, but especially by the owners, Katy and Ashley. They even attended the opening of my first studio and brought freebies. I mean, how much more supportive can you get? As a small business owner, I believe that cultivating genuine relationships and being kind are tops. I couldn't ask for better studio owners and am so thankful to have these girls in my corner!

Pure Barre Virginia Highlands owners, Ashley and Katy, photographed by Paige Jones

I was incredibly honored when Katy and Ashley reached out to me and asked me to exclusively partner with them. This means my clients receive some awesome discounts and specials at the Virginia Highlands studio and (soon to open!) Decatur studio in addition to their already amazing Bridal Package ($375 for three months)! I am so thankful to get to share this with my clients, and I hope you take full advantage. Don't forget that Pure Barre Virginia Highlands or Pure Barre Decatur can also set up a fun bachelorette night or barre-ty for you and your friends! I did this for a friend's bachelorette in Nashville, and all of the girls loved it.

Please feel free to email me at molly@mollymckinleydesigns.com for more information.

As we say at the barre, Happy Tucking!

Find Pure Barre Virginia Highland's site here and Pure Barre Decatur's site here.