Molly McKinley by Jillian Zamora Photography


Jillian Zamora is a gem. I'm so thankful that she took these photos of me in our first Atlanta home in Inman Park. I can't really explain how much they mean to me. So many pieces in this home have a story and a memory attached. Some of those are outlined below for those interested. Lucky for you, I didn't cover everything because this post would go to Heaven and back.

We love you Atlanta, and we're so grateful to call you home!

// Tiny teapot painting from Matt's grandmother Louise, who collected all sorts of trinkets. Our home is filled with tiny paintings and drawings passed down from her collection.

// Abstract prints from Britt Bass, which were supposed to be a birthday gift to my sister but… I kept them - oops!

// Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind from Florence Gidez, sent to me for supporting The Proper Residency on Kickstarter, a live/work residence for emerging artists in urban St. Louis. I've always been interested in compact living, and Angela Malchionno's idea of a 187 sq ft space really inspired me.

// Heart print from my neighbor and sweet friend Kelly who owns Robintreelane and always makes me the guinea pig (perks!)

// Dandelion print from Minted that was gifted to me for attending CAMP's Spring Supper. I went with two of my faves, Tiffany and Robert of Rustic White Photography. I met so many inspiring people, but I was really excited to just say hi to Ashley Bailey. I love her honesty in her journey as an artist and have been following her since she moved to Atlanta from Austin. Some days, she's making incredibly beautiful things and other days, she's dying her daughter's hair pink and sharing these hilarious videos of her singing at the top of her lungs… so obviously, you should follow her on Instagram. I so appreciate her openness in sharing both her happiest and darkest days. Transparency is something I greatly admire.

// Paper maché floral bracelet and brass geometric ring from The Paris Market purchased on a weekend getaway to Savannah with my hubs. Somehow he understands and puts up with my taste for handmade (expensive) jewelry. My favorite gingko leaf earrings are from Youngblood Boutique in Inman Park.

// Farm table from A Classy Flea in Marietta. I was here with my mom at least once a week growing up. I owe my thrifty, crafty ways to her. I can't count the number of items we've purchased here over the years. No flea market compares. I love you Flea. Our chairs are from West Elm (on clearance, mind you!).

// Vintage white mirror was my great grandmother's. My mom retrieved it from Michigan after the passing of my grandparents. There's a bedroom set that goes with it and I'm saving it for a little girl. It's my favorite thing we own.

// Chandelier from Reeds Odds N Ends in Bishop, Georgia. The little old man who owns the place gave it to me for $12. My roommates and I spent so many hours in this shop in the middle of nowhere.

// Matt's grandmother Louise's lavender tufted chairs. We miss her happy spirit. She was always laughing and smiling, even when she didn't have any understanding of what was happening around her - which made us laugh too. :)

// We have a million books. There's more where this came from. When we move, we pack boxes on boxes of books… and we'll never get rid of them. We're saving them up for a library one day. Most of them are about chemistry, biochemistry, jewelry, Jesus, art and art history. So… if you're interested in any of those things, hit us up to check out our stash. That's like .0001% of you, but thought I'd offer.

// The stump end table is from woodworking artist Andrew Chandler, who I can't find a website for anywhere. He's the nicest guy you've ever met. He sells his work at Athens Antique Market. This is the first end table he ever made and we were so happy we got to purchase it from him.

// The candles you see placed around are Volcano candles from Capri Blue. We buy candles like they're hotcakes… and these are the best.

// My lip gloss is Cienna by Bite Beauty at Sephora (in case you're looking for hot pink gloss!).

// Meet my dogs: Sadie (an old rescued chocolate lab) and Cooper (my pound puppy - a dachshund mix).

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